09 Jun

The role of radiological imaging in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis: COLOUR DOPPLER SONOGRAPHY Part 4

COLOUR DOPPLER SONOGRAPHYMany of the methodological deficiencies that have been described in ultrasonography studies also apply to CT studies. For example, strict histological criteria have not been employed, not all patients underwent surgery, CT was compared with initial (and not later) clinical assessment and most studies were carried out by a relatively small number of enthusiastic radiologists. One study found that only 5% of CT scan results were not definitive, but many of the patients had prolonged symptoms and presumably fairly advanced disease. A different conclusion was reached by other investigators, however, who found that 12% of CT scans were interpreted as equivocal. The proportion of nondiagnostic results might actually increase if the decision to operate were based predominantly on the results of CT scans, as some investigators have advocated. You can finally shop for your efficient Asthma Inhalers Online with the best online pharmacy there could be, getting all the bonuses and special offers that every customer enjoys because of how moneysaving and secure it all can be.

One study found a relatively low agreement between radiologists in the interpretation of helical CT scans with 5 mm and 10 mm collimation (kappa values were 0.58 and 0.69, respectively). In another study, the kappa statistics for intraobserver and interobserver variability were only 0.76 and 0.36, respectively, for FACT without contrast and only 0.85 and 0.45, respectively, for FACT with rectally administered contrast.

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