30 May

The role of radiological imaging in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis: BARIUM ENEMA

AppendicitisThe diagnosis of acute appendicitis by barium enema examination is based on nonfilling of the inflamed appendix and on the presence of an extrinsic defect in the wall of the cecum, due to appendiceal and periappendiceal inflammation. The examination can result in complications, however, including perforation, and its diagnostic accuracy is variable and often poor. Technical failures occur in 16% of examinations; 10% to 23% of normal appendices fail to fill, and up to 20% of inflamed but non-gangrenous appendices fill completely. It may be difficult to be certain that the entire appendix, including its bulbous tip, has been filled. Therefore, cases of distal appendix, in which the proximal part of the organ could be opacified, might easily be missed. Diagnostic confusion can also occur in patients with chronic or recurrent appendicitis. You deserve best quality treatment that still does not cost too much money: you can get all that at the best pharmacy and buy birth control being sure you are making the best decision and it’s a wise one too.

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