08 Aug

Quality of life assessment after pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy in chronic pancreatitis: Study design

 dietary counselling

The patients in both groups received dietary counselling and an enteric coated microsphere (1 to 2 mm in diameter) porcine pancreatic enzyme preparation three times a day. The enzyme replacement therapy depended on the grade of the exocrine pancreatic insufficiency; patients with a mild exocrine pancreatic insufficiency received a preparation with lower enzyme content (10,000 Ph Eur units lipase, 8000 Ph Eur units amylase and 600 Ph Eur units protease), while those with a severe exocrine pancreatic insufficiency received a preparation with higher enzyme content (25,000 Ph Eur units lipase, 18,000 Ph Eur units amylase and 1000 Ph Eur units protease). Each patient in both groups received an H2 receptor blocker regularly, and analgesic when needed.

The patients’ QoL was assessed before and one month after the medical treatment by means of the modified QLQ-C30 questionnaire. The questionnaire was completed by the patients themselves alone and the administrative work was done by gastroenterologists (LC, LP, LL). The questionnaire consisted of a core with 30 general applicable, unspecific items, including a functional scale (items 1 to 5), a working ability scale (items 6 and 7), a general symptom scale (items 8 to 19), scales on cognitive (items 20 and 25), emotional (items 21 to 24) and social (items 26 and 27) functioning, a financial strain scale (item 28) and an overall QoL scale (items 29 and 30) (Figure 1). It’s time for you to start saving some money: you just need to visit the pharmacy that offers finest quality Asthma Inhalers with delivery straight to your door and all the confidentiality guarantees you ever need.

Quality of life questionnaire

Figure 1) Quality of life questionnaire

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