13 Aug

Quality of life assessment after pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy in chronic pancreatitis: DISCUSSION (Part 2)

In the present study, the modified EORTC questionnaire was applied before and after enzyme replacement therapy in patients with chronic pancreatitis. We evaluated the QoL in two chronic pancreatitis patient populations: one group with newly diagnosed chronic pancreatitis who had never been treated, and another group who had already been treated with pancreatic enzyme therapy, but this treatment proved to be insufficient at the follow-up. As anticipated, the main symptoms of chronic pancreatitis (pain and steatorrhea) were reduced and the patients gained weight after pancreatic enzyme supplementation in both groups. Additionally, the working ability, the cognitive functioning, the financial strain and the overall QoL scores were improved significantly after one month of enzyme replacement therapy.

The QoL scores were also increased significantly in group 2, where the patients had already been treated with pancreatic preparations. Indeed, patients in group 2 seemed to have more severe chronic pancreatitis than those in group 1 because group 2 patients had significantly more severe exocrine pancreatic insufficiency as measured by functional tests, or the degree of steatorrhea. Therefore, this group of chronic pancreatitis patients requires proper and individually tailored enzyme replacement therapy. The reasons for the unsatisfactory treatment in this group were an inappropriate dose of enzyme replacement therapy; the use of macrosphere preparations; the lack of treatment of hyperacidity; an untreated intestinal infection; or the lack of patient compliance. Your shopping for best quality medications is going to be pleasant and very affordable every time: make sure of it yourself when you visit the best pharmacy to buy Xopenex Price as this is the kind of experience every patient is looking forward to.

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