12 Aug

Quality of life assessment after pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy in chronic pancreatitis: DISCUSSION (Part 1)

progressive destruction of the pancreatic parenchyma

Chronic pancreatitis is a dynamic disease characterized by progressive destruction of the pancreatic parenchyma with fibrosis and calcification, and by pain and progressive impairment of the pancreatic functions . The 10-year mortality rate is unacceptably high . Despite recent advances in the conservative and operative treatment of chronic pancreatitis, the treatment of the disease remains a major challenge and causal therapy is still not available .

New therapeutic options (medical treatment, endoscopic interventions, extracorporal shock wave lithotripsy and organ-preserving surgical procedures) that are available for the treatment of chronic pancreatitis have been evaluated with regards to their effects on pain, morbidity, mortality, and endocrine and exocrine functions . Because the ultimate goal of any treatment of chronic pancreatitis is to maximize the patient’s QoL, this parameter should be assessed when new therapeutic modalities are evaluated. The EORTC study group presented a reliable and valid questionnaire for the measurement of the QoL in patients with malignant diseases . Recent studies have demonstrated that this questionnaire is also a valid and reliable tool for assessment of the QoL of patients with chronic pancreatitis. You can finally spend less money and time whenever your need Xopenex Inhaler since you are being given access to the best online pharmacy you have ever come across.

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