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Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Patients with COPD (7)

Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Patients with COPD (7)During these maneuvers, the patients had to keep their mouth pressure at 70 percent of their actual PImax (the target pressure) during 8 s. The patients could control the generated mouth pressure by means of a visual feedback system. Each static inspiratory maneuver was followed by normal breathing during 22 s. During each static inspiratory maneuver, the mean value of three EMG samples after three consecutive QRS complexes was taken to calculate FrDIA and FrIC. Buy Advair Diskus Online
The endurance test was terminated when (1) the generated pressure decreased more than 20 percent during two consecutive inspiratory maneuvers, or (2) when the duration of the total endurance test was 10 minutes (ie, after 20 inspiratory maneuvers).
The results of the endurance test are presented as (I) the cumulative endurance time of the static inspiratory maneuvers (T_, seconds), and (2) the rate of change of the FCDIA and F(IC per second (tgFcDIA and tgFcIC, expressed in HZ/s).
Questionnaires: The patients completed two questionnaires: an Activities in Daily Life (ADL) list with items with regard to the (subjective) ability of the patient to perform daily activities: the higher these scores (0 to 11), the better the patient could perform these activities; and the Symptom Checklist (SCL-90), comprising items related to anxiety, depression, and physical complaints; values for a normal population are available, with correction for sex.

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