18 Sep

Persistent upper gastrointestinal symptoms despite proton pump inhibitor therapy: Test-retest reliability

Generalizability analysisThe OTE is a 15-point scale that measures the magnitude of change in health status (-7 to -1 is worse; 0 is no change; and 1 to 7 is better). Subjects were first asked to report their symptoms as improved, about the same, or worse when compared with the previous visit. If changed, patients had to indicate the magnitude of change on seven-point scales (1 to 7 or -1 to -7). Patients were then asked to indicate how important the change (if it occurred) was to them on another seven-point scale.

Generalizability analysis (G-analysis ) was conducted to account for three clearly defined sources of variation that were identified in the present study: assessments at two time points; five test items; and subject characteristics. Intraclass correlation coefficients, representing the ratios of true variance to total variance, were calculated using a repeated measures model to account for the sources of variation. Mean squares from the within-subjects effects were extracted for each of the following – subject*time, subject*item and subject*time*item (error) – to calculate the variances and, consequently, the G coefficients for test-retest reliability and internal consistency (alpha) for the PASS test. The strength of the relationship between each PASS question and the total PASS score was assessed by the total-to-item correlation. You will always be glad to find where to buy kamagra just buy now and enjoy your online shopping.

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