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Persistent upper gastrointestinal symptoms despite proton pump inhibitor therapy: Psychometric validity (Part 3) / generic vardenafil online

Construct validity

The PASS test scores were compared with baseline scores for the comparator scales (GSRS, QoLRAD and RDQ) to evaluate construct validity (Table 1).

The PASS test score from visit 2 showed moderate-to-high correlation with the overall GSRS scale in both languagesĀ (0.51 and 0.43) and moderate QoLRAD correlation (0.38 to 0.57) depending on the domain and language. Some domains in each scale correlated better than others with the total PASS test score. For visit 3, all correlations were higher, reflecting the treatment response. In all instances, the sign of the correlation was in the appropriate direction. However, weak-to-mild correlation was found for RDQ with lower values for the French version than the English. Again for visit 3, there was a substantial increase in correlation between PASS test scores and RDQ, both for total score and all domains. There was a poor correlation between the PASS test scores and the acid-independent GSRS dimensions of constipation and diarrhea.

Greater symptom severity, recorded by the GOS score at baseline, was associated with higher total PASS scores (data not shown). Similar trends were observed for the other validated scales.

TABLE 1 Correlation coefficients (P<0.0001 unless otherwise reported) for Proton pump inhibitor Acid Suppression Symptom (PASS) questionnaire scores compared with domain and overall scores for other scales by language and visit

SCALE,Language Domains 1 PASS total (visit 2) PASS total (visit 3)
English Diarrhea 0.36 0.35
Indigestion 0.42 0.59
Constipation 0.22 (P=0.0060) 0.40
Abdominal pain 0.56 0.76
Reflux 0.40 0.70
GSRS overall 0.51 0.74
French Diarrhea 0.17 (P=0.0753) 0.20 (P=0.0321)
Indigestion 0.34 (P=0.0002) 0.51
Constipation 0.23 (P=0.0158) 0.29 (P=0.0022)
Abdominal pain 0.32 (P=0.0005) 0.55
Reflux 0.35 (P=0.0002) 0.63
GSRS overall 0.43 0.62
English Emotional distress -0.52 -0.74
Sleep disturbance -0.57 -0.70
Food or drink proble m -0.51 -0.80
Physical or social -0.49 -0.71
Vitality -0.52 -0.75
French Emotional distress -0.41 -0.63
Sleep disturbance -0.50 -0.74
Food or drink proble m -0.43 -0.63
Physical or social -0.38 -0.57
Vitality -0.31 (P<0.001) -0.63
English Heartburn 0.32 0.56
Regurgitation 0.36 0.55
Epigastric pain 0.42 0.63
GERD 0.37 0.64
Overall RDQ 0.41 0.68
French Heartburn 0.25 (P=0.0016) 0.55
Regurgitation 0.30 (P=0.0013) 0.55
Epigastric pain 0.22 (P=0.0196) 0.54
GERD 0.34 (P=0.0003) 0.69
Overall RDQ 0.37 0.69

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