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Persistent upper gastrointestinal symptoms despite proton pump inhibitor therapy: Psychometric validity (Part 2)

treatmentMean total PASS scores were 3.5 (SD 1.2) and 3.4 (SD 1.4) for visits 1 and 2, respectively, in the English group; and 3.4 (SD 1.2) and 3.3 (SD 1.3), respectively, in the French group. After the four-week treatment, at visit 3, the mean total PASS scores had fallen to 2.0 (SD 1.7) and 1.7 (SD 1.7) in the English and French groups, respectively. The proportions of patients answering ‘Yes’ to the individual questions were comparable at visits 1 and 2 but fell markedly by visit 3 (Figure 3).

Test-retest reliability and internal consistency

Test-retest analysis correlation coefficients were calculated for all patients in each group by comparing study results obtained at visits 1 and 2. Test-retest coefficients were 0.76 and 0.68 for the English and French versions of PASS test, respectively, indicating good-to-excellent reliability.

Internal consistency measurement by means of G-analysis gave results in the moderate range (between 0.50 and 0.48) for English and French. Assessment of internal consistency at visit 2, which was performed by comparing scores for individual items with the summed scores for the other four items, indicated a low-to-moderate correlation (0.15 to 0.46) for all items in both languages.

The percentages of patients answering ‘Yes’ to each question

Figure 3) The percentages of patients answering ‘Yes’ to each question, at the three visits, for English- (upper panel) and French-speaking (lower panel) patients. Meds Medications; PASS Proton pump inhibitor Acid Suppression Symptom test You will always be given generic tadalafil online buy here and will enjoy paying less money.

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