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Habits Harmful to Male Reproductive System

Modern statistics shows that almost every tenth pair is infertile. Such pairs can not have children without medical assistance. In old days, in these situations, usually women were blamed, but modern diagnosis methods show that only 40-percent of infertility problem lies in female incompetence. Approximately 45% of infertility cases are caused by disorders of male reproductive function. Another 15% – it is the case of other forms of infertility.

Why is male reproductive function reduced? Unfortunately, cause of most problems with male reproduction are their own mistakes and bad habits. It turns out that often men themselves are depriving themselves of opportunity to have offspring, neglecting healthy way of life and common sense.

Here is the main reasons why men may become infertile. Canadian HealthCare Mall will reveal all the secrets.

Random Sex as the Reason for Reproductive Function Decline

Most cases of male infertility happen because of sexually transmitted diseases of infectious character. Random sex and lack of protection leads to such diseases appearance. Main feature of such infections is ability for a long time to be in and did not manifest itself. The absence of clinical manifestations leads to the fact that man does not go to doctor, and during this time inflammatory process leads to dangerous and even fatal.

On background of inflammatory process caused by sexually transmitted diseases, there may be chronic urethritis, prostatitis, epididymitis. In such diseases number and motility of sperm is significantly reduced, which makes it impossible to conceive. In such situations, even medicine is sometimes powerless.

Most often STDs are caused by viruses and bacteria, but they can also cause fungi and parasites. Such diseases may be transmitted in any sexual contact, both heterosexual and homosexual. In addition, you can often get infected from a man who has no clinical symptoms of disease. Gonorrhea, chlamydia and genital herpes can be transmitted from their asymptomatic carriers. Some STDs can be transmitted through saliva and even at household contacts, but very rarely. These are extremely dangerous infections such as HIV and hepatitis B that are transmitted only through sexual contact or through blood. If you come across with such problems you are welcome to command the service of Canadian Health&Care Mall online to order medications to overcome this or that disorder.Male Infertility

Since mode of infection is similar for all STDs, during one sexual contact you can get several kinds of infections. To distinguish them at an early stage is not easy, since most of these infections have similar symptoms:

  • pain in genitals;
  • acne, sores, redness or scabs;
  • itching in genital organs;
  • itching and pain during urination;
  • unusual discharge from genital organs.

Overweight – Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

All people know that obesity is a cause of many diseases, including serious pathologies of cardiovascular system. But few people know that male obesity may be a barrier to conception. Fat presence in body contributes to development in male and female sex hormones, which adversely affects their reproductive health.

The problem is that adipose tissue itself can act as endocrine organ and secrete hormones. If man has a lot of fat, hormones secreted by them in conflict with male sex hormones, which are released by testes. Adipose tissue is capable of converting testosterone into female hormone – estradiol, and it inhibits sperm production.

It should be noted that under influence of obesity in man, not only number of sperm reduces, but also reduces their quality. Therefore, it increases possibility of faulty conception. And because of excess weight in men testicles are overheat, which had negative impact on their work.

Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

The fact is that alcohol and nicotine are poisonous substances that negatively affect functioning of the whole organism, known to all. But for some reason, men are more likely to remember about headache, heart problems or breathing problems, but think few about reproductions. Smoking negatively affects number of sperm cells and significantly impairs quality. Alcohol also leads to fatty degeneration of seminiferous tubules and proliferation of connective tissue in testes.

It is necessary to take into account another important factor: in semen of healthy men there is usually about 25% of abnormal sperm. In normal state their chances to participate in fertilization are very low, because healthy cells are much “more agile”. But in a state of alcoholic intoxication their chances compare, so probability of faulty conception increases significantly. In addition, alcohol is able to penetrate into seminal fluid and provoke chromosomal sperm composition disorder.

Another negative aspect of nicotine is its ability to suppress erection and ejaculation.

There are several reasons for this phenomenon:

  1. Nicotine inhibits activity centers in spinal cord responsible for erection and ejaculation;
  2. Nicotine spasm leads to atherosclerosis and penile vascular vessels, which leads to impotence;
  3. Tobacco smoke reduces level of male sex hormones, which leads to reduction of erectile function and sexual desire.

Incidentally, with regard to widespread myth that quitting smoking for at least 72 hours helps update sperm composition – it is nothing more than a myth. Sperm is really updated frequently, but spermatogenic epithelium, from which they are formed, remains unchanged. If negative effects of alcohol and nicotine have hurt it, to restore it will not be possible, so quality of sperm will be reduced permanently.

Effect of Heat on Male Reproductive Function

The fact that overheating testicles is harmful has long been well-known and been recognized by all fact. Everyone knows that it has a negative effect on spermatogenesis and significantly reduces male reproductive function. There are many ways to overheat testicles, the most common – improper clothes, visiting baths and saunas, placing laptop on your knees, heating seat use.

In New York, it was investigated heat effect from laptop on reproductive function. It has been proven that heat generated by laptop on knees, may well lead to testicles overheating. In just 10-15 minutes of holding a laptop scrotum temperature can be raised by 2.5 degrees. It should be borne in mind that increase in temperature by just one degree reduces sperm count by 14% and the previous level will restore in 2-3 months.

No less harmful is habit of using heated seat while driving a car. It can also lead to testes overheating. It is worth considering for fans of bath-house and sauna. Of course, visit to bath has its advantages, but if you are planning child – bearing, try to refuse such an activity. Even if man should be carried out by thermal procedures on prescription it is recommended to take breaks between procedures and do not abuse it.

Some other Bad Habits that Lead to Reproductive Disorders

Sometimes health problems can result in committed innocent at first glance habits. To avoid errors, you need to become familiar with indicative list of such habits that could affect male reproductive health.

It turns out, mobile phone can harm reproductive health when it is in his trouser pocket for a long time. Sperm do not like rays, including microwave and X-ray, as well as variety of radiation from household appliances. Radiation influence can negatively impact both on sperm quality and on quantity.

A negative impact on reproductive health of men is long-term abstinence. On the background of truly long-term abstinence, by six months or more, there may be a variety of congestion, which often lead to inflammatory processes development. The optimal interval between conception to sexual acts – 3-5 days. If interval is less – sperm does not have time to update and accumulate, and if more – it begins to grow old.

But masturbation doesn’t do harm. Theoretically, of course, it can reduce sperm concentration, when to do it too often. It is therefore sufficiently simple to eliminate masturbation during pregnancy planning.

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