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High dose consensus interferon in nonresponders to interferon alpha-2b and ribavirin with chronic hepatitis C: RESULTS (Part 2)

Of the 18 patients who completed 12 weeks of therapy, nine (38%) had undetectable HCV RNA at the time and, thus, continued with treatment. Seven of these nine patients completed 48 weeks of treatment and two patients withdrew, again because of intolerable side effects (ie, fatigue in one patient, and fatigue, myalgias and arthralgias in the other). At 48 weeks of treatment, three patients remained with undetectable HCV RNA in their serum. After a six-month follow-up, two patients (8%) had a sustained virological response.

Of the three patients who had undetectable HCV RNA after 48 weeks of treatment, two had had a genotype 1 infection and the other genotype 4. The virological response rates according to HCV genotype are shown in Figure 1. A sustained virological response was achieved in two patients — one genotype 1 and the other genotype 4. The genotype 1 sustained responder had cirrhosis. Find best deals an online pharmacy can offer and get a chance to start your treatment soon. You can now purchase cialis professional sale at the best pharmacy that will be sure to live up to your expectations every single time.

Response to consensus interferon

Figure 1) Response to consensus interferon according to hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotype

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