30 Jul

High dose consensus interferon in nonresponders to interferon alpha-2b and ribavirin with chronic hepatitis C: METHODS (Part 2)

Patients were to receive 15 |ag CIFN daily for the first three months when a qualitative HCV RNA test was done. Patients with persistently detectable HCV RNA at week 12 had their treatment stopped. Those with undetectable HCV RNA were to continue treatment at a dose of 15 |ag subcutaneously three times per week for a further 36 weeks. CIFN was to be stopped at week 48 and HCV RNA levels measured at this time. Repeat testing for HCV RNA was to be performed six months after stopping CIFN therapy.

Identification of genotypes

HCV genotypes were identified through a modification of the specific line probe assay (Inno-LiPA system, Innogenetics NV, Belgium).


HCV RNA qualitative testing was performed at baseline, and at weeks 12, 48 and six months after termination of CIFN therapy using the second generation Roche Amplicor qualitative assay (Roche Diagnostics Corporation, USA), lower limit of detection 50 IU/mL. End-of-treatment responders were defined as those with undetectable serum HCV RNA at the end of 48 weeks of treatment. Sustained virological responders were those with undetectable HCV RNA at 48 and 72 weeks. Start online shopping right now and see how great it feels to know you are saving more money than you are spending: all that is possible whenever you *buy female viagra online at the best pharmacy you can actually choose yourself right now.

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