29 Jul

High dose consensus interferon in nonresponders to interferon alpha-2b and ribavirin with chronic hepatitis C: METHODS (Part 1)

medicine database

Study design

Patients were selected from our department of medicine database. To be eligible for the study, patients had to have detectable HCV RNA in their serum and persistently elevated serum alanine aminotransferase levels at least 1.5 times the upper limit of normal. Eligible patients also had to have completed a full course of IFN alpha-2b and ribavirin therapy. Patients were excluded if they had a history of severe, untreatable depression; HIV coinfection; current alcohol or illicit drug use; uncontrolled seizure disorder; evidence of decompensated liver disease; or a thyroid abnormality in which thyroid function could not be maintained with the appropriate medication. Previous nonresponsiveness was defined as detectable HCV RNA after receiving a full three-month course of treatment. Patients who initially responded to treatment but subsequently relapsed after therapy was stopped were not included in the study.

The study was approved by the University Health Network Ethics Committee, and all participating patients gave their informed written consent. Baseline laboratory parameters included hemoglobin, white blood cell count, platelet count, alanine aminotransferase, aspartate aminotransferase, alkaline phosphatase, HCV RNA (qualitative), bilirubin, albumin, thryoid stimulating hormone and international normalized ratio. Testing for HCV genotypes was conducted. You finally have a choice and can find yourself a perfectly reliable pharmacy to shop with for best medications available: *buy female viagra and see how quick and easy it could be to spend less money.

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