05 Sep

Evaluation of Cardiopulmonary Risk under Midazolam Sedation: Materials and Methods (Part 2)

All patients were ventilated through a volume-preset ventilator (Servo 900 C; Siemens-Elema). The FIo2 was adjusted to 0.8 at 20 minutes before premedication and was maintained unchanged during the period of study. Systemic arterial pressure and arterial blood samples were obtained through an intravascular catheter inserted into a radial artery as part of routine care of the patient. The patients were sedated with midazolam (0.1 mg/kg IV) five minutes before the examination, which was performed without topical anesthesia. A flexible fiberoptic bronchoscope (Olympus BF B3R; OD, 6 mm) was introduced through an indwelling endotracheal tube using a special adapter (Bodai suction-safe Y’; Sontek Medical Inc). Fiberoptic bronchoscopy was performed by one of two experienced bronchoscopists and included only the bacteriologic sampling using a telescoping cannula brush catheter (Meditech model BWF 10/70/90), followed by direct suction through the inner channel of the endoscope. Samples of arterial blood were immersed in ice and measured within 30 minutes using a blood gas analyzer (Radiometer ABL 30) at 37°C. Minute ventilation, airway pressure, respiratory rate, and dynamic compliance were evaluated using the pneumotachograph of the ventilator. When a triple-lumen thermodilution SwanGanz catheter had been inserted, pulmonary artery and capillary wedge pressures were measured through the monitoring system (Hewlett-Packard 78342 A). In such cases, cardiac output was measured using a cardiac output computer (Edwards Laboratories 9520 A). The very best pharmacy is looking forward to helping you make sure your health is in good hands no matter if you need Symbicort Price or any other drugs that will help you deal with your symptoms in the most efficient way.

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