26 Aug

Erythema nodosum and pyoderma gangrenosum: METHODS Definitions and inclusions (Part 1)

Patients were derived from a clinical database consisting of 1015 consecutively evaluated patients having a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease and directly treated by the investigator over more than two decades. The mean period of patient follow-up was over 10 years . Figure 1 shows that this population was predominantly female with over 80% diagnosed before 40 years of age, similar to a previous report for the initial 877 patients . As shown in Table 1, disease was most often detected in the ileocolon with a high rate of complex disease (ie, over 70%), including stricture formation and penetrating complications. As noted elsewhere , for all patients in the present evaluation, office and inpatient hospitalization records as well as endoscopic, radiological imaging, surgical and pathology reports were recorded. Statistical analyses were performed using Student’s t test or x2 analysis. Visit the best pharmacy that will make you very happy in terms of the services it offers and round the clock availability of cheap asthma medications or any other treatment you may need at any point.


Figure 1) Age distribution of women and men with Crohn’s disease (n=l0l5 patients). yrs Years 

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