02 Sep

Erythema nodosum and pyoderma gangrenosum: Disease site (Part 2)

Figure 3 shows the percentage of patients with erythema nodosum and/or pyoderma gangrenosum in each age group for each site of disease involvement. Most had colonic involvement either alone or, more often, combined with ileal involvement, consistent with previous reports . Although there were some that had ileal disease alone, even those classified with upper gastrointestinal tract disease (as per the Vienna schema), most often had ileocolonic disease (ie, all four women). Interestingly, however, a single man in this patient series had erythema nodosum and upper gastrointestinal tract disease alone. He was initially diagnosed with Crohn’s disease involving the jejunum and ileum at 15 years of age and has been followed for 18 years. To date, no colonic disease has been detected. Choose a perfect online pharmacy where you could be shopping for flovent inhaler any time, being sure your medical conditions will be under your complete control every step of the way.


decrypted-2Figure 3) Percentages of dermatological disorders in each group with Crohn’s disease in different locations. Most often, the colon was involved with or without ileal disease for all age groups. UGI Upper gastrointestinal; yrs Years 

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