28 Aug

Erythema nodosum and pyoderma gangrenosum: Classification method

Male and female patients were each classified based on a previously published schema developed elsewhere, that was previously applied by the author to a single-clinician Crohn’s disease database. For the present evaluation, however, a modification of the Vienna schema was necessary to create a younger than 20 years of age group; this classification schema does not differentiate specific age groups younger than 40 years of age. Other defining features of the Vienna classification were used, including location of disease defined as the maximal extent of disease or disease at the first resection (ie, L1, ileum, possibly involving cecum; L2, colon; L3, ileocolon; L4, upper gastrointestinal tract regardless of other disease sites) and disease behaviour (eg, B1 nonstricturing and nonpenetrating; B2 stricturing; B3 penetrating). In this classification schema, disease is defined as B3 if, at any time during the course of the disease, intra-abdominal or perianal fistula, perianal ulceration, inflammatory mass and/or abscess have developed, even if a coexisting stricture is present. In contrast to the definition of disease location, the definition of disease behaviour in the Vienna classification has no specific time limit. For the present study, disease behaviour was defined in a cumulative fashion as the most recent patient encounter during the past three years. Cheapest online shopping is waiting for you to enjoy it as much as you wanted! This is the chance you were looking forward to, so why not go for it right now and finally buy proventil inhaler dosage at best fully-licensed pharmacy?

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