18 Aug

Endoscopic repair of a colonic perforation following polypectomy using an endoclip: DISCUSSION

endoscopic accessory devices

Recent advances in endoscopic accessory devices has led to the introduction of novel approaches to correct certain problems encountered in the gastrointestinal tract . Ease in delivery and application of the recently introduced endoclip procedure is gaining popularity for the control of major gastrointestinal bleeding. The first report described the application of five clips to an endoscopic mucosal resection site measuring approximately 15 mm. The perforation was approximately 4 mm.

The patient had no pain at the time of perforation. However, this second case report in the English literature, using this novel approach to treat colonic perforation postpolypectomy, is described. The present case is probably considered a normal scenario, with a standard polypectomy unfortunately resulting in a perforation. I believe that the endoclipping device should be considered (by an expert) before contemplating surgery. This technique is further simplified by the introduction of a new Olympus disposable clip, because no nursing time is necessary in preparing the device as in this case. I also suggest introducing x-ray contrast dye to ensure no ongoing leak. A computed tomography scan performed after application of this procedure may also help in this conservative approach. You can start online shopping right now – buy asthma inhaler for more advantages.

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