13 Mar

Effects of Injection Site on the Accuracy of Thermal Washout: Methods and Materials (3)

Materials Used and Their Thermal Characteristics: The chamber was made from a hard, transparent acrylic resin cylinder, its bottom of a hard rubber, the circuits from transparent polyvinyl chloride hoses, the ball valve from hard vinyl, and the spring from wire. The thermal conductivity of these materials was (0.0005 to 0.0006) (WattsXm) ‘(°C)’ except for the wire spring (mass of the spring was almost negligible compared with the other parts). Tissues have values of specific thermal conductivities near that of water, although they may be influenced by perfusion condition (Ref. specific thermal conductivity of silver is 1.16, of glass 0.0028, of water 0.0014, of fat 0.0005, and of muscle 0.001190). The model heart thereby had good heat-insulating characteristics comparable to those of tissues and organs. buy yasmin online
Injection Forts, Swan-Ganz Catheters, and Records of Thermal Washout Curves: Two separate injection ports were constructed 3 cm below and above the inflow valve, respectively, at which threeway valves prevented leakage and allowed direct injection of cold water into the chamber and the venous circuit. A Swan-Ganz catheter (73R9067, 7 French size, Electro-Catheter Corp.

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