11 Mar

Effects of Injection Site on the Accuracy of Thermal Washout: Methods and Materials (1)


Population Ten patients treated in the general intensive care unit (ICU) of Gunma University Hospital were examined in the investigation (from January 1, 1989 to May 31, 1989) with permission given by the patients themselves (if possible) or their closest relatives and allowance of the ethical committee of the Gunma University Hospital. Mean patient age was 61 ± 13 years (range, 41 to 83 years). Nine patients were male and one was female. Three cases were of ruptured aortic aneurysm, two involved cardiac surgery, two were of acute respiratory failure, and the three remaining cases involved bacterial pneumonia, massive burn, and hemorrhagic shock, respectively. buy cipro

All patients could breathe for themselves but were hypoxemic (hypocapneic or normocapneic hypoxemia). They therefore were treated with minimal continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) (less than 10 cm HsO, no mechanical ventilatory support) to maintain arterial oxygen saturation above 90 percent with inspiratory oxygen fraction less than 0.5 using a home-made CPAP system or respirators (Bear 5 ventilator, Bear Medical Systems, Inc, Riverside CA or 7200a Ventilator, Puritan Bennett Corporation, Los Angeles, Ca).’

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