23 Mar

Effects of Injection Site on the Accuracy of Thermal Washout: Discussion (3)

Salgado and Galletti verified the reliability of thermal EF in an artificial heart composed of a rubber balloon enclosed in a glass container connected to a piston pump, and in their figures we find out no evidence of successively changing EFs because the EF is set at less than 0.4. In the inflow circuit injection, the cold indicator could not move to the chamber within a single stroke but required a few strokes (we confirmed that dye injected into the inflow circuit required a few strokes to clear). Consequently, smaller and more stable EFs were recorded in inflow circuit injection than in direct chamber injection; however, EF3 in the case of preset EF of 0.62 in inflow circuit injection was significantly lower than EF1 and EF2, since the residual energy change was so small and may have been possibly affected by cooling of the chamber. ventolin 100 mcg
What Was the Effect of Injection Site on EF?
Preference of the RA as an injection site is based on the fact that EFs in dogs after RV injection are less reproducible than those after RA injection, probably a result of inadequate mixing during RV injection. This assumption cannot be accepted because the mixing of any indicator within the ventricle is dependent on mixing of the stroke volume entering from the atrium with the residual volume in the ventricle and independent of injection site.

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