18 Aug

Effect of Vitamin E on Exhaled Ethane in Cigarette Smokers: Micronutrient antioxidants

Cigarette smokers have been shown to have lower levels of micronutrient antioxidants through poor intake, increased metabolism, or their oxidation as they perform their purported duties of reducing antioxidant stress. In the current study, we found no correlation between β-carotene levels on entry into the study and measures of lung function (data not shown). Also, we did not find a correlation between vitamin E levels at entry and lung function measurements. However, damage to lungs from smoking occurs over many years, and one would not expect to see a correlation between a blood level at a single point in time and measures of lung function even if the hypothesis was correct. Thus, vitamin E and β-carotene levels by themselves would be expected to be poor markers of the presence of cigarette-induced diminutions of lung function. (We did not assay serum vitamin C levels since, being water soluble, its fluctuation from moment to moment is very wide).
However, we did find a negative correlation between FEV1/FVC and exhaled ethane after vitamin E supplementation (Fig 3, center, B). After replacement of vitamin E, a negative correlation between exhaled ethane levels and FEV1/FVC was detected that reached statistical significance (p < 0.037). Although not reported in our previous study, there was also a negative association between FEV1/FVC and exhaled ethane after replacement of all three antioxidants review purchase antibiotics online. That negative association did not reach statistical significance probably because the number of subjects studied was very small (n = 10). Furthermore, in that study as in the present one, there was no association found between FEV1/FVC and exhaled ethane before antioxidant administration. The observation that a negative association was found between FEV1/FVC ratios and exhaled ethane only after antioxidant replacement may be explained by a hypothesis based on the consistent finding that the levels of micronutrients found in smokers, are usually low and do not correlate with dietary intake.

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