06 Aug

Effect of Vitamin E on Exhaled Ethane in Cigarette Smokers: Materials and Methods

In that previous study, the ability of the micronutrient antioxidants to reduce exhaled ethane was correlated closely with their lung function as measured by percent predicted FEV1. The better preserved the FEV1 in these smokers, the greater was the reduction in exhaled ethane after supplementation. We hypothesized that even when antioxidants are administered, they may only show an effect on ethane if they can be incorporated into the appropriate pathways and correct any oxidant-anti-oxidant imbalance. We have proposed that a reduction in exhaled ethane after antioxidant supplementation is a manifestation of such an effect and results in preservation of lung function. As a follow-up of our initial study, the current study examines the effects of vitamin E alone on exhaled breath ethane in smokers.
Materials and Methods
Participants were recruited from the patients and staff of the Tucson Veterans Affairs Medical Center as well as from the community. Based on power curve analysis and data from our previous work, a sample of 28 to 32 subjects was considered necessary to show a difference of slightly < 1 SD in exhaled ethane content based on an 80% power to detect this difference with a = 0.05. To be eligible, participants had to be cigarette smokers > 20 years of age and in good general health so canadian health mall. All subjects signed informed consent that had been approved by the Institutional Review Board of the University of Arizona. Potential participants who had any history of diabetes, liver disease, lung cancer or any ongoing cancer, chronic illness, or alcohol/drug abuse were ineligible. Each participant was interviewed to obtain medical history, dietary habits using a food frequency questionnaire, smoking habits, and given a consent form to read and sign. Each enrolled study patient was asked to fast at least 8 h and refrain from smoking at least 3 h prior to each ethane measurement and blood collection.

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