22 Aug

Effect of Vitamin E on Exhaled Ethane in Cigarette Smokers: Conclusion

This would be in keeping with the study by Britton et al in which the effect of vitamin C alone was greater than vitamin E. It may be that both vitamin C and vitamin E and possibly P-carotene are needed for effective antioxidant activity in that redox cycling occurs within these agents. Second, despite our power analysis used to determine sample size, our sample size may not have been sufficient to detect statistical significance given the smaller than anticipated reduction in ethane accruable to vitamin E alone. We had based our power analysis on the observed reduction in exhaled ethane found in our previous publication in which a combination of antioxidant vitamins had been administered to smokers.
Pack-years, as expected, were negatively correlated with lung function (Fig 2). In addition, as noted, after vitamin replacement, pack-years were significantly associated with exhaled ethane levels (Fig 1, center, B). In our previous study, pack-years were significantly correlated with exhaled ethane only after replacement of micronutrient antioxidants. In this earlier study, a similar positive trend was also present prior to nutrient replacement, but it failed to reach statistical significance. The results from this study imply an association between oxidant load and exhaled ethane, as well as a negative association between exhaled ethane and lung function read more buy ventolin inhaler.
We conclude by contending that vitamin E alone does not significantly attenuate the effects of cigarette smoke on exhaled ethane. Exhaled ethane corresponds to oxidant load overall. After vitamin E is administered, those subjects demonstrating the largest falls in exhaled ethane appear to have better lung function. Exhaled ethane correlates negatively with measures of lung function after vitamin E replacement. These results suggest that vitamin E alone has a smaller effect than we previously noted when all three micronutrient antioxidants were supplemented simultaneously. More studies need to be done, perhaps with a larger population, to further delineate the role, if any, of vitamin E treatment on alterations in lung function and the development of COPD in smokers.

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