04 Aug

Effect of Vitamin E on Exhaled Ethane in Cigarette Smokers

Effect of Vitamin E on Exhaled Ethane in Cigarette SmokersAlthough cigarette smoking is the most important factor in the development of COPD, the mechanisms by which cigarette smoke leads to obstructive airways disease is not fully understood. Approximately 15 to 20% of cigarette smokers develop clinically significant COPD. Understanding the mechanisms of smoking-induced injury may allow us to predict which smokers will progress to develop significant disease and the attendant complications. This may allow us to find ways to retard or prevent the development of injury.
Oxidative or free radical injury of respiratory cells is believed to a significant contributor to the development of COPD. Cigarette smoke contains approximately 101 oxygen free radicals per puff. Although the lung supports significant antioxidant defense strategies designed to balance the effects of the oxidant-rich gaseous milieu that is inspired air, the increased oxidant load from cigarette smoke may result in a cascade of events culminating in activation of neutrophils and macrophages and resultant increases in proteases. The resulting protease/antiprotease imbalance may cause structural lung damage and the development of lung disease add comment viagra super active plus.
The putative use of antioxidants as preventive agents for the development of COPD has been promulgated based on the proposed relationships among oxidants, tissue injury, and disease. Recent studies examining the role of antioxidants in large populations have shown an inverse association between lung disease and antioxidant vitamin intake.
Previously we have shown that the alkane, ethane, is found in increased amounts in the breath of smokers as compared with nonsmokers. Ethane gas was shown by Reilly et al in 1974 to be a hydrocarbon byproduct of lipid peroxidation. Other investigators have also found increased evidence of oxidant activity in smokers. Previous work from our laboratory has shown that supplementation of smokers’ diets with a combination of three micronutrient antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, and (P-car-otene, decreases exhaled ethane levels.

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