01 May

ED – Questions About Seeking Treatment

Where do I go for help?
Seeking treatment of erectile dysfunction can feel awkward. Always begin by talking with your healthcare professional to get you started on the most appropriate therapy for you.

How is the diagnosis made?
Your doctor will ask you a lot of questions about your symptoms, your general health and your lifestyle. He/she will generally do a physical exam and may do some laboratory tests.

What question will my doctor ask?
You doctor will want know about your medical and lifestyle background. Some of these questions might be embarrassing or uncomfortable, but they are important. You will be asked how long you have been having trouble with your erections and if the problem started suddenly or slowly over time; if it happens all the time or only some of the time. The questions might get even more uncomfortable because you will be asked if this happens only with your partner or if you have multiple partners an if there is any difference with you erections when you are with different partners. You will also be asked about stimulation and hardness and how long your erections last.

The doctor will want to review your medical history, about surgery, and medicines you take as well as your lifestyle.

What is the doctor looking for in the physical?
During the physical exam your doctor will look for the physical signs of any underlying diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease. Physical exams vary and may include examination of your penis and rectum.

Will there be laboratory tests?
Your doctor may want to check your testosterone level. Testosterone levels can be a clue to the problem and your doctor can decide if you need to supplement testosterone. If you have erectile dysfunction and low testosterone, getting some extra testosterone may help you respond better to erectile dysfunction therapy.

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