20 Jul

Changes in gallbladder motility and gallstone formation following laparoscopic gastric banding: RESULTS (Part 4)

The three patients who developed stones all had a weight loss of greater than 1.7% (1.73, 2.01 and 2.33%, respectively, for each) of their total body weight per week over the six weeks. None were diabetic. Indeed, two out of the three patients were above the 95 percentile (mean ±2SD) of weight loss for this group (Figure 2). These three also exhibited a lower gallbladder emptying, well outside the 95 percentile when compared with the rest of the group (Figure 2). Two of these three patients also were consistently out of the 95 percentile range for the obese group, in terms of gallbladder volume, residual volume and refilling rate (data not shown).

Gallbladder emptying

Figure 2) Gallbladder emptying in relation to the percentage of weight loss per week at six weeks following surgery. The circle represents the mean ±2SD for 95 percentile of the group that did not develop gallstones. Symbols: The diamond shaped markers inside the circle represent the eight patients who did not develop gallstones. The remaining round markers represent the three patients who developed gallstones at six weeks

Obese patients six months following surgery

One of the 11 patients elected not to continue with the study. One of the three patients who developed stones experienced an attack of acute cholecystitis that required surgery. Nine patients completed the six month study. From six weeks to six months, their BMIs further decreased from 41.9±3.5 to 37.4±2.6 (or 0.5±0.1% body weight per week). Gallbladder measurements changed modestly towards those found before surgery. The gallbladder volume increased from 29.1 ±6.1 mL at six weeks to 33.5±6.7 mL at six months while emptying increased from 65.9±6.9% to 74.3±2.9% (not significant). The residual volume decreased from 11.2±4.5 mL at six weeks to 8.5±1.8 mL. Gallbladder refilling rate remained virtually unchanged between six weeks and six months, but remained significantly above that of the volunteers (P<0.05). Your drugs could be a lot cheaper and your treatment could be still as safe and efficient as always: all you need to do to get your cialis super active online is shop at the best pharmacy offering its services to you right here right now.

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