18 Jul

Changes in gallbladder motility and gallstone formation following laparoscopic gastric banding: RESULTS (Part 2)

Table 2 provides the age, sex and BMI of both the volunteers and the obese patients. There was no difference in age between the controls (volunteers) and the obese group. No effort was made to match the sex distribution in the obese group because women predominantly sought this type of surgery. Gallbladder volumes after an overnight fast were markedly increased in the obese patients before surgery. Their gallbladders were twice as large as those of the volunteers.

Following the CCK-8 infusion, their gallbladder residual volumes were double those of the normal weight controls. The per cent gallbladder emptying with CCK-8, however, did not differ between the two groups. Because of their larger fasting gallbladder volume, the absolute volume of bile emptied was greater in the obese patients (34.7±5.4 mL, compared with that of the volunteers [16.7±1.5 mL, P<0.05]). Besides the larger gallbladder volume with fasting and the increased residual volume after the CCK-8 infusion, the gallbladder refilling rate was four times greater in the obese compared with that of the volunteers (P<0.01). Take advantage of this opportunity – buy viagra super active online to enjoy lowest prices online.

TABLE 2 Demographics and gallbladder measurements in volunteers and obese patients before surgery

Volunteers(n=26) Obese patients (n=14) P value
Age 35 (23-59) 34 (25-57)
Sex (male:female) 14:12 1:13
Body mass index 25.1 (21.8-29.5) 45.3 (36-61.5) <0.01
Gallbladder volume (mL) 21.3±1.5 43.0±6.6 <0.02
Gallbladder emptying (%) 76.91±2.5 80.3±3.9 NS
Gallbladder residual 4.6±0.5 8.3±2.7 <0.02
volume (%)
Gallbladder refilling 0.10±0.02 0.43±0.09 <0.01

Data are presented as mean ± SEM, except for age (years) and body mass index which are presented as median (range). NS Not significant

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