14 Jul

Changes in gallbladder motility and gallstone formation following laparoscopic gastric banding: METHODS (Part 1)

Study group

Controls: Twenty-six (14 men, 12 women) healthy volunteers with a BMI of less than 30 kg/m2 were recruited based on the absence of any previous clinical history of biliary symptoms or surgery, and their not receiving any medication (eg, calcium channel blockers, antispasmodic medications, progesterone) or having a clinical condition (eg, diabetes mellitus) that could affect gallbladder motility. This control group provided measurements for average sized, healthy adults with a normal weight.

Obese patients: Fourteen (one man, 13 women) morbidly obese patients with a BMI of greater than 40, or a BMI greater than 35 plus the presence of a comorbid factor(s) (ie, diabetes, cardiac conditions, hypertension and/or orthopedic problems), were assessed and found to be fit for elective laparoscopic surgery, using gastric banding to reduce food ingestion. Type 11 diabetes was present in three patients. None consumed any medication known to affect gallbladder motility, including female sex hormones.

A Swedish adjustable gastric band (Obtech Medical AG, St-Antons-Gasse, Switzerland) was inserted laparoscopically, to create a proximal gastric pouch with a volume of approximately 20 to 30 mL. Using the pars flaccida technique for placement of the gastric band, a proximal gastric pouch was fashioned with a volume of approximately 20 to 30 mL. The insertion of the laparoscope allowed visualization of the liver and upper abdomen. Retraction of the liver upwards exposed the gastroesophageal junction and the spleen. You will soon see how easy it is to start the treatment if you have a reliable pharmacy offering generic cialis professional for sale or any other medications you may need for the specific medical issue you may have that requires treatment.

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