26 Jul

Changes in gallbladder motility and gallstone formation following laparoscopic gastric banding: CONCLUSIONS

gastric banding surgery

We have demonstrated that morbidly obese patients have an enlarged fasting gallbladder volume, rather normal gallbladder emptying for its size, increased gallbladder residual volume and a high refilling rate. The weight loss that follows laparoscopic gastric banding surgery, particularly if excessively rapid, results in impaired gallbladder emptying, accompanied by an increase in gallbladder residual volume and a decrease in the refilling rate.

Gallstones form as early as six weeks following surgery. Patients who developed gallstones had a greater decrease in their gallbladder emptying and a more pronounced weight loss compared with that of the reminder of the group. Early refeeding and a more gradual weight loss should ameliorate the gallbladder motility impairment and lessen stone formation. Given these findings, it seems reasonable to keep the rate of weight reduction at less than 1.5% of weight per week. The adjustable nature of gastric banding operations permits such fine tuning, better controlling weight loss and potentially eliminating the risk of gallstone formation following bariatric surgery. Buy cheap drugs online fast – buy levitra professional for you to enjoy a reliable pharmacy.

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