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25 Oct

Chronic Thromboembolic Occlusion in the Adult Can Mimic Pulmonary Artery Agenesis: Conclusion

As our cases demonstrate, the pulmonary angiogram in C T-E PH, on the totally thrombosed side, can mimic exactly the smooth appearance of an agenetic artery. Therefore, when this finding is present, bilateral angiography is mandated. In each of our cases, the angiogram also demonstrated chronic thrombotic lesions in the contralateral lung. At this juncture, […]

16 Apr

Emergency Department Cardiopulmonary Bypass in the Treatment of Human Cardiac Arrest: Case 5

Thirteen patients were originally considered for entry into the study. Cannulation was unsuccessful in three of these patients. This cannulation failure was related to inability to advance the venous cannulas in all three patients. Positioning the patient in reverse Trendelenburg position alleviated this problem. Results from the 10 patients who were successfully placed on CPB […]

03 Jun

Maximum Intensity Exercise Training in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (7)

Attendance at scheduled rehabilitation program sessions was good. Patients attended a mean of 10.7 out of 12 clinic visits (88.9 percent). After rehabilitation, data were available on 46 patients for statistical analyses. Two patients moved before completing the eight-week program; four patients completed the program but were not retested due to illness (two), sudden cardiac […]

24 May

How to use condoms – 10 simple steps to getting it right

1. Resist the urge to buy extra large condoms – if a condom is too large, it will be too loose on the penis and is more likely to slide off. Be realistic and buy a size that fits securely on your erect penis. 2. Open the package carefully and don’t use sharp objects like […]

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