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13 Sep

Management of polycystic liver disease: CLASSIFICATION (Part 2)

Morino et al classified PCLD into type 1 and type 2 based on cyst size, number and location. Type 1 PCLD has large cysts located mainly on the liver surface, while type 2 PCLD consists of diffuse small cysts all over the liver. Gigot et al stratified individuals based on cyst size, number and amount […]

12 Sep

Management of polycystic liver disease: CLASSIFICATION (Part 1)

Unlike PCKD, cerebral aneurysms do not appear to be associated with PCLD. Fortunately, despite overwhelming hepatic cyst involvement, hepatic synthetic function remains preserved in almost all cases. Management of PCLD requires consideration of other possible causes of multiple liver cysts because treatment can be markedly different. Other multicystic diseases of the liver include echinococcal (hydatid) […]

11 Sep

Management of polycystic liver disease: CLINICAL MANIFESTATIONS

PCLD typically has a slowly progressive and benign course. Most patients are asymptomatic and the condition is usually discovered incidentally or in association with PCKD presentation. Symptoms from PCLD may arise from the grossly enlarged liver compressing adjacent organs or from hepatic complications of PCLD, of which the latter is relatively uncommon. The most common […]

10 Sep

Management of polycystic liver disease: PATHOGENESIS

The pathogenesis of PCLD is incompletely understood. PCLD cysts are believed to originate from biliary epithelium or the hepatic lymphatic system. Everson et al found that PCLD cyst epithelium had the functional characteristics of biliary epithelium. They found that hepatic cystic fluid, similar to biliary epithelial fluid, contained secretory IgA and low glucose concentrations, and […]

09 Sep

Management of polycystic liver disease

Polycystic liver disease (PCLD) is a rare condition that is frequently associated with polycystic kidney disease (PCKD) but may also occur independently. The prevalence of PCLD is approximately 0.15% in the general population, with the majority going undetected . However, multiple simple hepatic cysts are common in the general population at 2% to 10%, and […]

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