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02 Feb

Complex Mass at Right Lung Base: Diagnosis

Intralobar sequestrations lie contiguous to normal lung parenchyma and within the same visceral pleura. Venous drainage is usually via the pulmonary veins. There is a slight left-sided predominance with the posterior basal segments most often involved. Most patients with intralobar sequestration present with recurrent respiratory infections. In about 15 percent of the patients, other congenital […]

01 Feb

Complex Mass at Right Lung Base

A 43-year-old nonsmoking man was admitted for evaluation of two masses at the right lung base. A mass was first noted on a routine chest radiograph 14 years previously (Fig 1). The patient underwent bronchoscopic examination at that time, which was reported as unremarkable. In view of the patients age and lack of symptoms, it […]

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