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19 Jun

The Market for Testosterone Creams and Gels

Testosterone cream is one of many topical testosterone products to help increase testosterone levels. The safe, yet extremely potent, testosterone gel is absorbed through the skin directly into the blood stream using “Time Released Liposome Transdermal Delivery System” technology to boost testosterone levels for hours longer than many prescription drugs. It does not contain caffeine, […]

15 Jun

The Benefits Of Using Testosterone Supplement

Many people decide to use a testosterone supplement, especially people over the age of 30. A lot of people consider testosterone supplements controversial, too. According to recent studies conducted by researchers, testosterone supplements may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, supplementation may be useful for both men and women, as testosterone levels decline in elderly […]

07 Jun

A Look At Testosterone Therapy

There are a significant number of men and postmenopausal women who can benefit from Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Although it is only replaced in men, women can benefit from a renewed partner. The andropausal symptoms can be helped and even reversed by the right supplementation of testosterone into the body. The idea of testosterone therapy is […]

03 Jun

A Closer Look at Testosterone Deficiency

Testosterone deficiency, also known as hypogonadism, is a condition in which the testes are unable to produce enough testosterone to fulfill the body’s needs. Testosterone deficiency has many possible causes, including genetic abnormalities, injury to the testes, and being on certain medications. Normal aging also may play a role in the decline of male testosterone […]

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