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26 Mar

The Red Scourge: Pneumocystis carinii

Pneumocystis carinii pneumonitis is a well-known pulmonary infection associated with AIDS. Its symptoms include dyspnea, fever, cough, chills, sweats, and hemoptysis. Interestingly, normal findings on chest x-ray film have been reported. In such instances, transbronchial biopsies and a touch preparation of lung tissue yield a high rate of positive results. It is not unusual to […]

25 Mar

The Red Scourge

A 33-year-old caucasian man was admitted to the Kansas University Medical Center for evaluation of a fever, nonproductive cough and persistent headaches. Physical examination revealed a red asymptomatic nodule present on his right antecubital fossa for six months (Fig 1). His admission chest roentgenogram can be seen below (Fig 2). The patients condition deteriorated during […]

14 Apr

Aging and Sexuality

Sexual desire and activity continue well into later life for both men and women but can be affected in various ways by aging. I begin by discussing these effects in men. Men Although an age-related decline in sexual activity and desire among men has been reported in numerous studies, maintaining a healthy interest in sexual […]

04 Sep

What Sleep Has to Do with Weight Loss

Up until recently we used to admire people who claimed they needed very little sleep. There was even a view that a need for little sleep was related to higher intelligence! Modern scientific research shows that not only were those “sleep rejectors” behaving unintelligently and producing lower-grade, lower levels of work, but they were setting […]

29 May

10,000 ideas to improve your health

More than 10,000 separate suggestions were made by Irish people on improving the health service, the report on consultation for the new National Health Strategy has revealed. ‘Your Views about Health’, published by the Department of Health, provides information about the consultation process used to prepare the Strategy. Over 1,500 submissions from members of the […]

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