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10 Jan

Redox Status of the Oviduct: DISCUSSION

Our results indicate that the redox status of the oviduct in heat-stressed mice shifts toward oxidation with increased H2O2 production. Moreover, the developmental competence of the majority of maternally heat-stressed zygotes decreases in vitro, and they arrest at the 2-cell stage because of a lack of Cdc2 activation at the G2 stage of the second […]

08 Jan

Redox Status of the Oviduct: RESULTS

Effect of Maternal Heat Stress on Rectal Temperature of Mice The rectal temperatures of the heat-stressed groups were increased (39.6 ± 0.1°C for the GSH assay group, 39.5 ± 0.1°C for the H2O2 and FRSA group, and 39.7 ± 0.1°C for the Western blot analysis group) significantly (P < 0.001) compared with the control groups […]

06 Jan

Redox Status of the Oviduct: MATERIALS AND METHODS

Animals Postpubertal female ICR mice (age, 8-12 wk) and male BDFj mice (age, >8 wk) were purchased from Charles River Japan, Inc. (Yokohama, Japan). The mice were housed at 25°C and 50% relative humidity under a 12L:12D photoperiod (lights-on, 0600 h) until use. All the experimental protocols and animal handling procedures were reviewed and approved […]

04 Jan

Redox Status of the Oviduct: INTRODUCTION

Because embryos are sensitive to heat stress during early development, an increase in maternal body temperature often leads to embryonic death. Such heat stress-induced early embryonic loss has been reported in a wide range of mammals and is prominent in domestic animals with enhanced metabolic rates and high productivity. In lac-tating dairy cows with high […]

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