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24 Mar

The Total Artificial Heart: Conclusion

It is likely that patients will be incapable of directly participating in the final decision to turn off a TAH. Advance termination agreements, like living wills or durable powers of attorney, could be used as part of the consent process to provide “relief from the continued beating of the artificial heart” just as they are […]

23 Mar

The Total Artificial Heart: Termination Planning for TAH Patients

Termination Planning for TAH Patients The decision to terminate a TAH resembles the decision to discontinue other life-sustaining treatments like respirators or dialysis. It should be based on the patients preferences. Though TAH termination necessarily entails death, this is not, as some suggest, suicide, an analogy that has been rejected in reference to other refusals […]

22 Mar

The Total Artificial Heart: TAH Research with Human Subjects

TAH Research with Human Subjects Research with human subjects is limited in order to protect individuals from being abused by the researchers or society’s pursuit of grander social objectives. In 1982, the FDA granted an investigational device exemption for permanent TAH implantation because of the absence of other life-prolonging therapies for patients with endstage cardiomyopathy […]

21 Mar

The Total Artificial Heart: TAH Bridges and Patient Choices

TAH Bridges and Patient Choices The availability of TAH bridges imposes a complex and poignant decision on patients with heart failure. Those electing a TAH bridge incur substantial additional costs without a guarantee that a donor heart will become available. Those wanting a transplant, but declining the costs and burdens of the TAH bridge, might […]

20 Mar

The Total Artificial Heart: The TAH as Bridge

The TAH as Bridge Many scientific observers propose that the TAH be employed only as a temporary bridge until a donated heart can be implanted. One quarter of heart transplant candidates die while waiting for a donor heart. The shortage of donor hearts and the increasing success and availability of heart transplantation have led to […]

28 Feb

The Total Artificial Heart: Clinical Application of the TAH

Clinical Application of the TAH Each year, 17,000 to 35,000 persons die of prese-nescent heart failure, 5,000 to 11,000 become eligible for kidney transplantation, and 5,000 to 10,000 become eligible for liver or pancreas transplants. Not all of these individuals will receive new organs—donor organs are scarce, the cost of transplantation is high, and it […]

27 Feb

The Total Artificial Heart: Deployment Costs

The TAH proponents hold that the modest outlay of $10 to $12 million dollars per year for pre-deployment research on all types of circulatory assistance is the only way to learn about the absolute and relative costs and benefits of a TAH. The argument that the TAH would draw funds from more pressing health or […]

26 Feb

The Total Artificial Heart

An Ethics Perspective on Current Clinical Research and Deployment Precent progress with the total artificial heart (TAH) has captured public interest, subjected preliminary human trials to unprecedented scrutiny, and fueled an intense debate among ethicists, policy. Investment in TAH research continues to yield insights into cardiovascular physiology and clinical problems such as anticoagulation which have […]

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