16 Feb

Aryl Phosphate Derivatives of Bromo-Methoxy-Azidothymidine: RESULTS(8)


TEM of the tangential sections of sperm head confirmed the intactness of the plasma membrane and outer and inner acrosomal membranes of sperm exposed to vehicle (Fig. 5A”), WHI-05 (Fig. 5B”), and WHI-07 (Fig. 5C”) but not to the CaI A23187 (Fig. 5d”) for 3 h (Fig. 5, bottom panels). Taken together, these results demonstrate that the spermicidal effects of WHI-05 or WHI-07 were not caused by 4-a detergent-type action resulting in disruption of the sperm plasma membrane within the acrosomal region of the sperm head. These features of aryl phosphate derivatives of bro-mo-methoxy-AZT differ from those of N-9, the most widely used prototype detergent spermicide. buy cipro

Inhibitory Effects of WHI-05 and WHI-07 on Homologous Sperm-Zona Binding Assay

The human sperm-zona recognition and binding assay appears to predict the in vitro and in vivo fertilization outcome. Therefore, the inhibitory effects of WHI-05 and WHI-07 on sperm-egg interaction were next assessed by laser scanning confocal microscopy using intact human zona and two-colored sperm separately labeled with cell-permeant DNA-specific dyes, SYBR 14 (green) and SYTO 17 (blue), in a homologous sperm-zona binding assay. Due to the variable efficiency of sperm binding to frozen human zona, the sperm-zona binding ratio was used to assess sperm-zona binding capacity. The ratios of the number of green and blue sperm that were bound to control and test human zonae showed marked differences.

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