13 Feb

Aryl Phosphate Derivatives of Bromo-Methoxy-Azidothymidine: RESULTS(5)

Spermicidal AZT Derivatives Affected Sperm Kinematics

The time-dependent sperm motility loss induced by WHI-01, WHI-05, and WHI-07 was associated with significant changes in the movement characteristics of the surviving sperm, particularly with respect to the track speed (VCL), path velocity (VAP), and straight-line velocity (VSL). The representative sperm kinematic parameters observed for WHI-07-treated sperm versus time are shown in Figure 4. The decreases in VSL and VCL were similar in magnitude. buy yasmin online

Therefore, linearity (LIN) of the sperm tracks were not altered from 5 to 20 min in the presence of WHI-07, from 10 to 60 min in the presence of WHI-05, and from 20 to 150 min in the presence of WHI-01. Similarly, the decreases in VSL and VAP were similar in magnitude. Therefore, straightness (STR) of the swimming pattern was not altered either. Also, the beat-cross frequency (BCF) and the amplitude of lateral sperm head displacement (ALH) were relatively uniform as the proportion of motile sperm declined with exposure time. The sperm motion parameters of control sperm showed insignificant changes during the 150-min exposure.
Fig4Aryl Phosphate Derivatives
FIG. 4. Effect of bromo-methoxy-aryl phosphate derivative of AZT (WHI-07) on sperm motion parameters. The motile fraction of sperm was incubated in assay medium in the presence of 100 |xM WHI-07, and the motility characteristics were determined using the Hamilton Thorne-IVOS version 10 CASA as described in Materials and Methods. Values: ^m/sec for VCL, VAP, VSL; ^m for ALH; % for MOT, STR, LIN; and Hz for BCF.

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