30 Jan

Aryl Phosphate Derivatives of Bromo-Methoxy-Azidothymidine: MATERIALS AND METHODS(6)

Other settings were as follows: minimum contrast 8; minimum size 6; low-size gate, 1.0; high-size gate, 2.9; low-intensity gate, 0.6; high-intensity gate, 1.4; phase-con-trast illumination; low path velocity at 10 ^m/sec and threshold straightness at 80%; magnification factor, 1.95. The performance of the analyzer was periodically checked using the playback function. ventolin inhaler

The attributes of sperm kinematic parameters evaluated included numbers of motile (MOT) and progressively (PRG) motile sperm; curvilinear velocity (VCL; a measure of the total distance traveled by a given sperm during the acquisition divided by the time elapsed); average path velocity (VAP; the spatially averaged path that eliminates the wobble of the sperm head), straight-line velocity (VSL; the straight-line distance from beginning to end of track divided by time taken), beat-cross frequency (BCF; frequency of sperm head crossing sperm average path), the amplitude of lateral head displacement (ALH; the mean width of sperm head oscillation), and the derivatives, straightness (STR = VSL divided by VAP X 100), linearity (LIN = VSL divided by VCL X 100, departure of sperm track from a straight line). Data from each individual cell track were recorded and analyzed. At least 200 motile sperm were analyzed for each aliquot sampled.

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