09 Apr

Allergen-Induced Bronchoconstriction in Asthmatic Children (12)

Therefore, tachyphylaxis cannot be used as the major factor to explain the effectiveness of BN52021 in blocking the broncho-constrive effect of PAF. Thus, this is the first study demonstrating the efficacy of an aerosolized form of PAF antagonist in suppressing the immediate bron-choconstrictive response to PAF challenge in normal subjects and asthmatic children and bronchospasm induced by allergen challenge in asthmatic children. These findings may support the possible role of specific PAF antagonist in the attenuation and treatment of bronchial asthma.
Several investigators reported that PAF inhalation was capable of recruiting eosinophil into the guinea pig lung tissues, causing neutrophilia in bronchial lavage fluid in dogs, and decreasing neutrophils in peripheral blood in man, which correlated with the induction of bronchial hyperreactivity. Thus, the findings obtained in this study that aerosol BN52021 was able to inhibit the PAF-induced decrease of WBC, neutrophil, and particularly eosinophil in the peripheral blood may explain partly the effectiveness of BN52021. ventolin 100 mcg
In conclusion, BN52021 is able to suppress PAF-and allergen-induced immediate bronchospasm; however, studies including more cases and with a longer period of observation are needed before a solid conclusion can be made. More importantly, although no clinically evident adverse effects have been found on those tested patients nearly one year after the study and DM SO had been shown to have no cytotoxic effect on K562 cell line, evaluation of the safety of longterm inhalation of BN52021 dissolved in DMSO by using animal models is absolutely required before advocation of its clinical use.

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